Hair color facts you need to know.......

There are many enemies to your hair color.  These are my basic rules to keep your lovely locks healthy, shiny, and happy....

HOT WATER is BAD - Tepid to cool water should be used to shampoo and rinse your hair.

The Sun is Really Bad - Wear a hat and use styling products to protect your hair from the sun.  Just walking from the door to the car can ruin the great colour you just paid big bucks for.

No Shampooing for 24 to 72 hours after a color service -   It takes time for your color to properly set but most importantly, it takes time for your hair to repair/return to its natural pH
even after the gentlest of services.  Ask your colorist for the specific waiting period for your service.

Bad and improper use of shampoos and conditioners - You should  
ALWAYS purchase your at-home care products from a professional.  They will give you the how, how often, and why any particular product should be used.  I always offer several trusted professional lines from which we can make a proper choice for your particular hair needs and budget.

You just paid your trusted colorist to create your hair masterpiece, then you should also trust them with prescribing your at-home Care Prescription.  

Return Visit - 
ASK your hair color professional when your next visit should be scheduled. 

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